Move your boat with A and D or Arrow Keys.

Click to cast your rod, hold to reel it in.

Throw fish to the merchant to sell with RMB.

Collect 2000$ to retire - if you wish to! :)

Thank you for playing!

Made by Dalton5000, Wagshadow


Sound Effects:

Created in Godot Engine 3.1

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Tags2D, Fishing

Development log


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Something about the art style, sound effects, and music combined made me laugh instead of get angry every time I lost a fish. Brilliant! Great use of Godot!

Thank you :)

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Amazing fishing game!! The gameplay is awesome! Avoiding the red fishs while still getting the smaller fishs work really well!
Both the pixel art graphics and the music work really well in adding to the atmosphere!
Thank you for this game!

Thank you a lot for this kind feedback and playing my little game :)

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Installed and played from Itch application: Cannot read property 'split' of undefined

It works in Firefox.

Awesome! Very nice game, it was  a lot of fun to play, also great music and soundeffects.

Wonderful little game, good job!

Good balancing, tight gameplay mechanics, cute and simple pixel graphic look. Very enjoyable.

This game is so nice and fun to play. All the animations, movements of fishes are so good. fish eating birds also add more fun to game. All the things make it addicting and peaceful. Truly speaking I am jealous of such innovative game. Although it is more challenging game if there a timer.

Thank you a lot for your kind words! :)

Love all mechanics, really nice and addicting gameplay. Great job!

HAHA Retire, hahahahahaha This game is amazing and so peaceful to play.

Love it, reminds me of the old fishing game on myspace. It had quotas and time limits and a shark that could knock you out of the boat. It brings back those good memories. 10/10 game.

I never hated red fish more than I do now. Great game.

Retire if you want to?? More like retire if you can!

I love the mechanics, as frustrating as they are!

Thank you so much! :)