Heracles, Son of Zeus, was sent to the Underworld to capture the Hellhound Cerberus. Help him fulfill the 12th task of Eurystheus in this turn based strategy game.

Move Heracles by clicking on a free tile next to him or using the arrow keys.
Stun adjacent enemies by clicking on them.
Click buttons on the bottom row to use abilities or items you picked up.
Right click cancels actions.

Abilites can only be used once per level!

As Heracles moves swift and quickly, he has two actions per turn.
His enemies  have one action per turn.
His basic attacks stun enemies for one turn.
Use abilities or items to kill foes.

Created by:
Phildjii - Idea, Game Design and Art
Dalton5000 - Programming and Animation
JohnGabrielUK - Music and Sound Effects

Listen to the soundtrack by JohnGabrielUK: Heracles in the Underworld OST

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
Authorsdalton5000, Phildjii, JohnGabrielUK
Tagsmythology, Turn-based Strategy, wildjam


Heracles.zip 24 MB
Version 20 May 22, 2019
heracles-in-the-underworld-win64.zip 23 MB
Version 19 May 22, 2019
heracles-in-the-underworld-linux.zip 25 MB
Version 19 May 22, 2019


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nice game and nice mechanic of the game. it ends in blank screen after finishing 2nd level. 

but I am very confused with buttons. there is a state if the button is toggled on or not. and I don't know which action will the heracles takes.

I want to swap with monster, but I punch him instead :-(

I have exactly the same feedback. Game quits to a grey screen after completing the 2nd level, and the button states are hard to identify...

Fun game, I'd love to see more of it.

Excellent puzzle tactics game with solid gameplay!
Excellent graphics with a not common (which is a big plus) ancient greece theme!
Personally I would have preferred a little larger (in size not in content) levels to give me (as player) more room to move and use your abilities, but maybe that just me! Still this is probably nitpicking...
Great work!

Thanks a lot!

Great game! One detail i would like to improve is for there to be some kind of warning that Cerberus takes two hits to kill.

Thank you! We will communicate this better in an updated version :)