Made by Dalton5000 for the GodotJam 2018.

Voice acting by

Music: The Joydrops - Not Drunk

Made in Godot Engine. Source Code avaiable unter GNU GPLv3.


BlazingRailsWindows.7z 12 MB
Download 32 MB
BlazingRailsLinux.7z 13 MB
Blazing Rails Godot Project.7z 8 MB


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This is just amazing!


Thanks everyone for the feedback and ratings.

I am happy to announce there will be an extended version of Blazing Rails released in the next months. Follow me on itch or twitter for updates!

I have also fixed the source download. Sorry for not having that done earlier!

Cool game!
Can't find any project files in the source to open in Godot editor - only a project.binary that can't be opened (v3.x)?

The source code is downloadable with if you want to read into it.

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What format is the source code files are showing as .gdc, .gd.remap and .tscn there is no project file inside it??

Sorry, I didn't look at it well enough. There is a complete godot project available now.

I know buddy - but I can't find any project files (for the editor) :-)


I fixed this, you have the complete project available now. I'm sorry, I was sure it's working.

Thanks a million! I'll check it out later


Works like a charm!

Had some fun playing it. Very nice!

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

MacOS version is marked as being Android, fix that ;)

Sorry haha :) It is fixed. I will release an extended mobile port in the future!

Very good game!!

I'm very glad you liked it!

Nice. I like it.

Awesome, thanks for letting me know!