Build up the town and survive on the market by investing into the right buildings at the right times.

Click a building site to see what it will build if you invest.
Make smart decisions and think about priorities.

Created for LudumDare 44

Code by Bitron
Graphics and Code by Dalton5000
Music and Soundeffects by SilverSock


Download 23 MB
Version 4 Apr 30, 2019
Vital 24 MB
Version 4 Apr 30, 2019
Download 25 MB
Version 4 Apr 30, 2019


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the start screen reloads itself over and over when i press play on the browser version. any ideas why?


Nice game
I have found two bugs:
1. I had 120 seconds of 50% discount on housing. Nice and working, but for some time I could see price of 7500 (discounted) but the real cost was 15000 (as usual). I don't know if it was during 120 seconds period or a bit longer time. After long time after that, housing cost was displayed correctly.
2. The Cafe should be buffed a bit. It provides high profit without any housing around. Building some doesn't apply to total income.