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You're Lawrence - a lonesome ranger searching for something that's been stolen from him. Fight your way to your rival by following the ancient gunslinging tradition of playing Blackjack against one another.

Note: This build is playable, but contains a number of bugs, some of them significant. We're going to fix them ASAP, which means - after sleeping off the crunch.


  • WASD - move
  • Space - interact
  • Mouse - click on buttons

Game Rules:

The basic rules for playing this modified version of Blackjack:

  • Both you and your opponent are trying to collect cards with a total value of 21.
  • Each turn, you may draw a card or pass. By passing, you end the round for both players.
  • Only the player with the higher total score gets to shoot. The damage you deal is equal to 21 - your total score.
  • If a player goes above 21 points, they're out of the round.
  • If a player manages to hit exactly 21 points, the critical effect of their weapon is applied.

There are many items and weapons which will modify how these rules work, and many strategies for you to employ.

Created in 8 Days for Godot Wild Jam #3 using Godot Engine 3.1 Alpha 2


@Dalton5000 - Code, Graphics

@Wagshadow - Gamedesign, Writing, Testing

@Blutworscht - Soundeffects

@Beleidiger - Graphics

Music: The Gunfight by Everet Almond


Cards&ColtsOSX.zip 21 MB
CardsandColtsLinux.7z 16 MB
CardsandColtsWin.7z 14 MB


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Would be better if you had window controls